DS3600 Series Rugged Scanner

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The DS3600 Rugged scanners have been designed with harsh environments in mind. Vivid colors allow it to be found easily in poorly lit environments and durable components protect the device from constant wear and tear. We added a User interface at the top of the device promoting important notifications to users.

Features & Benefits



The key touch points of the DS3600 series benefit from our long history of ergonomically designed products. As always, the comfort and safety of our end users comes first.

In the case of the DS3608, (corded) as well as the DS3678 (cordless) we designed and tested for a wide range of end-user’s hand sizes and an equally wide range of customer applications. We applied grip enhancing features, with materials that provide the end user the comfort they need during a long shift.

Simple battery removal for the Cordless version was paramount and so we designed a secure and intuitive latch. This allows workers to swap out a low battery, without the need of a special tool, and quickly return to work

User Experience

Three LED windows provide clear feedback to the user of a successful scan and are visible from any angle. This is particularly useful in noisy environments.

At the same time, we have provided a user interface to allow workers to understand battery and connectivity levels whilst on the go.

Additionally, the user interface display uses a “dead-front” technology that shows icons only when needed and disappear when not illuminated.

Vivid Colour Use

Often our devices are used in dark, cluttered industrial environments. The vibrant color helps to find the device where it is too noisy to use the paging feature. This vivid colour has been proven with the public safety space to be visible in a range of environments including dimly lit warehouses.

Cradle Insertion

The cradle is designed for the optimal user experience possible. We designed it so the user can intuitively insert the device either foot first or head first.


The “hard hat” provides extra durability and can easily be replaced allowing our users to maintain the appearance and durability of the device.

Rubber Bumpers protect it from drops and knocks, whilst a the the same time providing grip.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The DS3600 family of products are productivity and accuracy enhancing devices. They enable products, parts and packages to be in the right place at the right time. This translates into less miss-shipments, transportation fuel savings, less loss and more efficient business operations.

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