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The space’s clean sightlines, craftsmanship, thoughtful mix of furniture and finishes, and abundant use of plants and natural materials coalesce to create a truly homey yet functional ambiance.

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The strategy resulted in a professional yet unmistakably more comfortable, domestic aesthetic than is typical of most global technology companies.

A warm welcome is evident upon arrival, where the story of Dropbox’s new home begins to unfold, subtly showcasing the brand and culture and establishing the accessible sense of place and belonging that one can expect to feel throughout the space.

The careful planning, clean sightlines and craftsmanship, together with the thoughtful mix of furniture and finishes, abundance of greenery and overall sense of openness make the space a natural, comfortable environment for varying perspectives and workstyles to live together under one roof.


Dropbox Sydney is designed as a family home built on a foundation of Dropbox’s values and beliefs. It is fit-for-purpose in every way, with each environment designed to its core objectives; it is Dropbox’s people, culture, experiences, and their evolution over time, that will make it a home.

The central lounge, separated and yet just few a steps from the workstations, is the heart of the Dropbox home. Like a great living room, it’s a comfortable, non-bookable space designed for everything from individual relaxation or brief casual meetings with guests to larger social gatherings and all-hands meetings.

The adjoining kitchen and open dining area are where Dropboxers are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry.


Much like a home that is designed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, Dropbox Sydney was designed to a standard that Dropboxers can take pride in.

While designed to budget, the materials and finishes are not typical of a standard commercial office fitout, but more akin to a high-end residential apartment. Money was spent in the right places to achieve maximum impact for minimal expense.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Use of locally sourced Australian timber and use of recycled hardwoods, where possible.

Reuse of some AV technology and furniture from previous space. Layout achieves maximum access to natural light and views.Extensive use of plantings throughout to improve indoor air quality and employee wellbeing.

Healthy snacks, fruits provided to staff daily

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