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Innovative, convenient, thoughtful, accessible. Devondale’s Milk Shakes are examples of good design, combining user-friendly elements with quality moulding techniques, raising the bar in the Australian dairy drink sector. With the injection moulded cup and lid format shifting from the traditional blown bottles in this category, Devondale’s offer is instantly differentiated.

Features & Benefits


Disruptive Category Innovation

By choosing the disruption innovation approach and adopting a cup format rather than the established blow-molded bottle format, Devondale’s Milk Shakes has created a strikingly new look to stand-out amongst the ‘clutter’ of the dairy beverage category and offers the consumer a refreshingly new consumption experience.

Access and Consumer Interaction – Domed Straw Lid

Devondale’s Milk Shake cups possess a slightly retro looking domed lid which includes a specially designed straw hole to allow the consumer to consume by simply pushing the straw through the hole until the foil seal is pierced. This also minimises the risk of spillage as the main foil seal remains largely intact across the wide 80mm mouth of the cup.
By eliminating the need to remove the foil seal, consumers can use the cup on the go with confidence.

High quality branding to jump out on shelf

The injection moulded polypropylene cups incorporate a lithographically printed full body In Mould Label (IML). The full body wrap IML maximises branding coverage whilst delivering high quality and dynamic print graphics.
The cup adopts an ‘internal stacking’ design leaving the cups external walls uninterrupted by stacking ledges etc. This means the IML messaging and branding communication can extend from immediately under the cup flange right down to the base.
The retro style of the artwork is in keeping with the Big Top Circus atmosphere and innocence of the product. With bold colour, stripes and simplified artwork and illustrations, the ensemble takes on a 1950’s American diner feel.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Ensuring both label and container materials are polypropylene maintains full recyclability of the total pack, eliminating the need for complicated and inefficient material separation treatments in the recycling process.
The cups and lids neatly stack together with the minimum of clearance (Tub 9.6mm and Lids 4.0mm). With the move towards a stackable container versus a traditional bottle for this drinking beverage, efficiencies have been gained in both transport from manufacturer to filler and warehousing footprint pre filling. This is a 10:1 to 13:1 ratio improvement when compared to the transport of shipping “air” with empty bottles, which are mainly blown off site then shipped in and filled.

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