De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite Fully Automatic Coffee Machine ECAM65075MS

About the Entry

The PrimaDonna Elite is a revolutionary coffee machine that produces barista-quality coffee.

With an intuitive, colour touch display and a Coffee Link App designed to connect multiple smart devices to the machine, it can create personalised coffees for up to six user profiles.

Features & Benefits



There’s more than one way to create your perfect coffee with the PrimaDonna Elite. Use the intuitive, colour touch display; or download the Coffee Link app to your mobile device to communicate with the machine remotely.

For households where everyone’s a coffee lover, multiple devices can connect to the PrimaDonna Elite, so you get the perfect coffee, each and every time.


Create personalised recipes and save them to up to six user profiles, making dinner parties effortless.

The program settings are easily adjusted to personalise the grind, length of pour, coffee strength and milk preparation, producing the perfect coffee every time. .

Crafted with Precision

To make a perfect coffee is a science and an art.

There is a balance between the grind of the beans, the pressure of the tamping, and the temperature and pressure of the water. De’Longhi’s PrimaDonna Elite delivers a perfectly-balanced coffee each and every time.

Coffee First, Then Milk

The unique Cappuccino Mix recipe delivers the coffee first and then the milk, just like a barista. The PrimaDonna Elite allows coffee enthusiasts to become the barista in the comfort of their own home, creating coffee that could only be replicated in the best cafes by the best baristas.

Clean & Simple

The brilliance of PrimaDonna Elite design extends all the way to its care. Automatic prompts, automated rinsing and dishwasher safe components make the PrimaDonna Elite a pleasure to use and easy to clean, ensuring every cup is as perfect as the last.

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De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite Fully Automatic Coffee Machine ECAM65075MS