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The HX65L22 Ceramic Panel Heater is the latest innovative heating solution from De’Longhi.

It is unique in both design and technology, with a stunning textured finish that gives a premium aesthetic. The heating element is self-regulating, providing safe and efficient heat, while the built in fan distributes air around the room.

Features & Benefits


Ceramic Heating Element

The Ceramic Heating Element is more energy-efficient because it self-regulates the power output depending on temperature and adjusts it accordingly, therefore drawing only the required energy to maintain the ideal temperature.

De’Longhi is the first to encompass this technology into the HX65L22, a timeless panel heater design. This element is what makes the HX65L22 superior than traditional coil electric heaters. The element will only generate the heat necessary to fulfill its preprogrammed goal.

This limits overheating which means the model is more durable & longer lasting. The heater only works as hard as it has to in order to maintain temperature thus saving energy and achieving more consistent temperature.

ECOPlus Function

The ECOPlus function ensures the perfect equilibrium between temperature and power input, by modulating the two settings, in order to maintain the ideal comfort in the room while optimising energy consumption.

When this function is active the heater will automatically set the most appropriate power level to guarantee optimum comfort while reducing energy consumption.

A simple button regulates power flow and temperature level saving you money on your electricity bill.

Safety and Reliability

The HX65L22 is equipped with electronic technology to improve the performance and enhance consumer’s thermal comfort.

The digital thermostat is able to control the smallest temperature fluctuations ensuring a constant, stable comfort.

The 24 hour countdown timer makes it is possible to set automatic start or automatic off time. In order to avoid accidental operation, you can lock the keyboard using the lock function and it can be wall mounted to maximise floor space.

The safety system ensures that if the heater is tipped over it will switch off and a buzzer will alarm the user of the accident. A full safe top mesh grid has also has been added to keep small fingers away from the element.

Timeless Elegance

Versatile & contemporary, the HX65L22 Slim Style fits perfectly & discreetly into any room of the house thanks to its minimalistic design & reduced depth.

The stone grey colour emphasises the spirit of the design. The lines, materials and the unique technology are combined to give the product form and function.

The geometry of the elements, its sleek profile and the contrast of light and dark come together to embody energy, passion and timeless elegance.

The soft touch control panel makes it possible to select and display all the available functions with sensor touch points.

With a depth of only 7.5 cm, the Slim Style HX65L22 offers maximum performance, combining functionality and design, with perfect results.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The HX65L22 is the result of the perfect marriage between innovation and performance. The ECOPlus function was designed with respect to the environment and low energy consumption, whilst the element ensures the unit will only generate the heat necessary to fulfill the preprogramed goal.

Unlike traditional oil column heaters where they need to be safely disposed of and drained due to the harsh chemicals, the HX65L22 does not require specific disposal.

De’Longhi is also part of Australian Packaging Covenant to ensure that we help minimise the environmental impacts of packaging. The De’Longhi HX65L22, offering a solution for those with refined aesthetic tastes and are mindful of the impact on the environment.

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