Dali Hotel

About the Entry

Dali Hotel is a high-end brand combining local ethnic customs with modernity and elegance, located in Dali Old Town full of romantic and artistic atmosphere. Circling around the theme ‘A Dream to Dali’, we tried to express a perceptual romantism conveyed in encountering with Dali Hotel.

Features & Benefits


Inspiration and Highlight

Dali Hotel is surrounded by the beautiful lake of Erhai (‘Ear-shaped Sea’), and alpine fault lake in Yunnan Province, China.

Consequently, we combined that natural setting with the ‘Erhai Moon’ – one of the famous features in Dali.

Inspired by this, we extracted the architectural features of Wuhualou (a five-floor ancient tower, experiencing 1200-year history) to image with the bright and clear Erhai moonlight, which brought us to the initial ‘D’ (standing for Dali Hotel).

As such, the logo we designed is simple and modern, also conveying a strong ethnic flavor.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

In practical application, we extracted and imaged such four landscapes as ‘wind, flower, snow and moon’ representing Dali features, plus the national color in Dali, jointly constructing a visual impression with both flavor and elegance.

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