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The Creatista Plus is a single serve espresso capsule machine featuring an advanced version of Breville’s core automatic milk texturing technology.

The portioned espresso by Nespresso and milk texturing technology by Breville are connected via an intuitive graphic interface which conveniently guides consumers through the most popular café style recipes

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How Do You Create Café Style Recipes with Ease?

Making a coffee is easy with the Creatista Plus using its intuitive colour graphic user interface.

The UI has a menu of espresso and milk based recipes with different foam textures, temperatures and coffee quantities recommended by Breville coffee experts.

Users can also personalize the settings for their coffee at each stage from the intuitive menu.

Periodic maintenance reminders as well as diagnostic warnings are displayed with step by step instructions to keep the machine working at peak performance.

How Do You Create Silky, Smooth, Microfoam Milk, Ready for Latte Art?

Creating velvety milk texture traditionally requires continual re-positioning of the steam wand and jug to allow air to be gradually integrated into the milk whilst heating to the right temperature. A challenge even for professionals.

The hands free auto milk texturing system uses a dedicated pump to inject air into the steam path using a steam ejector to create milk texture with the wand immersed in the jug.
The electronically controlled pump allows the air/steam ratio to be adjusted for different drink styles (Cappuccino to Latte).

The air to steam ratio is adjusted in real time by a pressure sensor which monitors the vacuum created by the ejector and tunes the air pump to deliver a precise volume of air.

How Do You Know When You have the Milk Temperature just Right?

Temperature control is a key element of milk texturing. Experienced professionals either estimate the temperature through touch or a thermometer placed in the milk jug to control final temperature.
If the milk is over heated it has a negative effect on flavor as well as the quality of the micro foam.

The hands free milk texturing system uses a graphic interface providing a stepped temperature range from 46°C to 76°C. A sensor located in the drip tray area, below the jug, stops the flow of air/steam when the desired milk temperature is reached.

How Do You Ensure Consistent Milk Quality?

Traditional automatic milk texturing machines have had issues with cleaning and maintenance that often leads to blockages or malfunctions.

With repeated use of the steam wand to texture milk the steam wand can experience gradual reduction in efficiency.

The Creatista Plus is able to detect the restriction using a sensor that detects the flow of the air/ steam mixture, enabling the graphic interface to display a warning the steam path is becoming restricted. The graphic interface then gives step by step instructions to return the system to within optimal operating conditions.

How Do You Reduce Coffee Preparation Time?

Traditionally small footprint espresso machines use thermo block heaters to heat water and make steam. Due to their large thermal mass they have a relatively long heat up time.

The Creatista Plus uses a new type of very low mass through heater which reduces the time from turning the machine on to coffee extraction to 4 seconds. The very low mass flow through heater is also highly responsive to the current supplied allowing the heater to deliver very precise water and steam temperatures.

How Do You Create More Space in the Kitchen?

One of the biggest challenges of achieving café quality coffee at home has been the limitation of equipment. Domestic automatic systems often lack the ability to achieve quality coffee and commercial systems are often too large and require a combination of individual function specific equipment.

The Creatista Plus has successfully condensed and integrated 2 systems; potion controlled espresso and Auto Steam Wand, all working seamlessly together in a convenient, domestic, petite sized platform, never seen in this market segment before.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Creatista Plus combines Breville’s classic aesthetic with high quality materials and extensive life cycle testing which has proven the Creatista Plus as a durable long lasting product, in both construction and aesthetic.

To minimise environmental impact we have concentrated on best practice design principles, employing clip fastenings while reducing screw fastenings to the absolute minimum. The materials selected are highly recyclable and are appropriately labelled to assist in separation.

The Creatista Plus has been awarded an A+++ Swiss Energy Rating. Power usage is 50% below the total allowable energy consumption.

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