About the Entry

The converse sofa introduce a new typology of sofa “Micro-modular” which allows the user to become the author with standard and customisable configurations, that work either individually or in reconfigurable groups. This product is the petite proportions combined with a clean sophisticated design language.

Features & Benefits


Modularity and Intregrated Power

Converse can be configured in an infinite amount of shapes and sizes. Modules can be added and removed to build a product to suit the space, or several modules can be joined together to suit the space, and broken apart later as suited.

Integrated power can be included, or later easily retrofitted to sit snugly between the cushions, encouraging a ritual of use that is easy and clear to understand.

Infinite configurations

This petite, nordic-style modules that make up the Converse sofa system is suited to a single person each.

This is a sofa that when specified into a space, the interior designer can know exactly how many people the sofa caters to.

Each module clearly delineates between separate seating locations, and therefore we aimed for a communal and casual feel, encouraging several groups of people to occupy a single setting.

This is a reflection on typical sofa settings where separate groups are not encouraged to occupy a single setting together.


Creation of an enduring and robust system was a major focus for this design.

Through our Australian maker, we worked together to make sure we could not only guarantee the system for a minimum of 10 years, but that we knew that the separate segments can be easily disassembled and later reupholstered or repainted during the life of the sofa.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The options of no-back, low-back and high-back cushions, plus loose cushions, Converse is made up of layers of foam that were considered for their comfort and practicality.

Several different foam densities were tested to ensure that the sofa remains firm, yet the top layer is much softer. This means that the user does not sink into the seat too far, and will not wear out the shape with use, however the seat is still perceptively soft.

The low and high back options were considered for their height and relation to the human proportions, and the loose lumbar cushion can be added or removed as desired, and however the user is most comfortable when seated.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The separate components of the Converse modules are both replaceable and repairable. The frame is incredibly sturdy and durable, withstanding high intensity use in commercial environments both physically and visually.
Re-upholstery of the separate components is easy, and can be sent back to the original maker in Melbourne to preserve the integrity of the piece.
Cult supports all of its Australia collection with Cultivated, meaning that the original 10 year warranty can be extended if the client wishes Cult to re-invigorate the piece after the warranty period has ended, through either re-upholstery, re-painting or reconfiguration.