Andrew, design by Co.Studio

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Andrew represents a strong, minimalist form, freed from all superfluous elements. The handle is completely integrated into the shape of the tap, which is not just a functional feature but ultimately determines the purity of its form as well. Flow control is instinctive and ergonomic.

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Andrew is a total collection of understated, integrated solutions adapted to various situations. The range consists of different models for both surface and wall mounting, available for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

Wide Color Range

Finishes in chrome, matte black, matte nickel and colors on request such as matt blue and bronze or any other colour that matches your interior design. Always characterised by a purity of form and rvb®’s reliable quality standard.

High Quality

rvb®, Belgian tap manufacturer since 1935, rvb©’s innovations are based on a constant endeavour to develop original, high-end taps that combine a rigorous selection of refined material such as solid brass with impeccable quality finishes

Timeless Design

The designers aim for strong, timeless pieces with a sophisticated and detailed image, always reduced to their pure essence. This intention is encapsulated in every design created by the duo Christian van Suetendael and Gert van den Steen.

Succesful Collaboration Between Designers and Manufacturer

When the designers presented the first sketches and models of the Andrew collection, rvb® was immediately seduced by the combination of originality and refinement in the style. Right from the start, the exacting requirements of the project designers inspired rvb®’s R&D team, who are well accustomed to technological challenges.

As Louis-Philippe Gillieaux, the project manager, makes clear, “the difficulty lay in integrating complex mechanisms into a product that was both sensitive and highly ergonomic, whilst respecting our brand’s high reliability standards and ensuring easy installation for professionals.”

Designed in Belgium - Manufactured in Belgium

Co.Studio, founded in Antwerp in 1998, specialises in interior design and architecture with the associated product design.
rvb®, Belgian tap manufacturer since 1935.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

RVB is dedicated to conceiving and fabricating faucets which are ever more resilient and respective of the environment. Ahead of the current growing awareness, the eco-friendly aspect has always been on the agenda. Our sustainable development approach is based on saving water and energy through the use of flow reduction technology and, to a greater extent, to the use of materials which can be indefinitely recycleThe rigorous selection of quality materials like solid brass and the obsessive care we take with the finishing of our faucets are at the source of their quality, robustness and durability. We guarantee the availability of spare parts, thereby securing your investment.

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Andrew, design by Co.Studio