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Clipsal Iconic is a range of electrical accessories with a slim, sleek, clean design that is easily customised and provides a new foundation for future technology to be built on to. It’s an affordable and accessible switch range and is the perfect easy to install option for electricians.

Features & Benefits


Unbelievably Customisable

Today personalisation and customisation is more important than ever. With rising consumer expectations, home owners and renovators need to be able to update and evolve their switches with ease. Thanks to clever design, this is possible with Clipsal Iconic which has a range of grids and skins which can be ordered separately at any time.

Customers also have the option to personalise switches with icon dollies to make it easy to identify functions in multi-gang switches. As a result, consumers never need to worry about turning the light on instead of the fan.

It’s also a great option for young children or seniors who are likely to forget which switch is which.

Blending with the Walls

The range offers three skin colour variants in addition to the standard Vivid White, including Warm Grey which is subtle and inviting, Cool Grey which is crisp and clean, and Anthracite which is deep and strong to blend in with richer, deeper wall colours.

The design aspect is further augmented by the translucent edges which blend seamlessly to the wall.

Loaded with Intelligent Features

The smartest home electrical range on the market, Iconic features ControlLink. With new ControlLink, lights can be dimmed from multiple locations and switches – no more travelling to a separate room to find the right switch.

Thanks to the Iconic push button, 3-wire electronic modules can be set up and controlled using the Wiser Room App on most smart phones or tablets.

The added convenience means consumers can simply use the app to turn on or off, set a time delay, or programme multiple 24 hour, 7-day schedules.

The app connects using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which only connects when required. The best part is that everything works over standard wiring, so you gain extra features.

Locking Bar

A unique locking bar allows simple modularity of the mech in the grids. Ultimately this results in sturdy locking for a fast, easy and secure install, reducing the risk of mech pushbacks. A great feature for electricians, it means they save time on installation and don’t have the headache of a complicated installation.

The all-new 40 mechs have also been designed for optimum flexibility in up to 6-gang grids making the product incredibly versatile.

Night Walk Sensor Light

Hate searching for a light-switch on the way to the loo in the middle of the night? Thanks to the Iconic Night Walk Sensor Light, the awkward walk between the bedroom and bathroom is a whole lot easier.

A new Night Walk Sensor Light skin is simply plugged into a standard Clipsal Iconic double socket grid and, when movement is detected at night, an integrated LED lamp illuminates the darkness with a warm and soft light, guiding the way without disturbing others.

They can be set to function as either a sensor light or a night light and the lux level can be changed to suit your tastes.

3-Gang USB Charger with Shelf

Avoid clutter on your bench space and accessorise your switches with a handy charger shelf. Designed to hold three smartphones or one tablet the 3-Gang USB Charger and Shelf keeps your devices out of the way when charging.

Cable compensation and BC1-2 compliance offers superior charging capabilities. The 3-gang USB charger is a safe and convenient alternative compared to bulky, third-party chargers. Installation is rapid and easy with its in-line floating wrapper terminals and all-in-one design.

Safety First

Innovative protective flaps help prevent screw access after installation, allowing skins to be changed safely at any time. Additionally, the message on the protective flaps clearly indicate they should only be opened by certified electricians.

All Clipsal Iconic™ sockets include safety shutters to help prevent the insertion of foreign objects in the socket apertures.

A clear green indicator indicate when the power is ON.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Iconic range is green premium as it helps preserve finite resources, counteract climate change, and minimise the impact on human health. This is done through added efficiency via New Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and our ControlLink technology.

Additionally the strategy behind the Iconic range design is to minimise product wastage cause by the replacing of electrical accessories. Thanks to the easy customization and personalisation of switches, the product themselves will stay in fashion and last longer than the traditional switch.

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