Can-Am Defender MAX

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With two rows of smart Versa-Pro benches allowing 6 full-size adults to ride in comfort, the Defender MAX is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

With its wide range of innovative LinQ accessories, it satisfies the customer’s many uses, making it the true class-leading multi-passenger workhorse.

Features & Benefits


Can-Am Defender Versa-Pro Bench

The innovative Versa-Pro bench in the Defender MAX changes how utility customers use the interior of their vehicle by offering two rows of 40/ 20/ 40 split bench seats that provide comfortable best-in-class seating for six full-size adults.

The seats can be folded to provide extra storage space on the floor or access to the multiple watertight storage solutions. The storage solutions are removable so that the consumer can take them along to the jobsite or fishing spot.

A-Pillar forward design and multi functional dashboard

The Defender MAX features a unique to the off-road industry A-pillar forward design that increases the functional interior space, increases visibility out of the cabin and improves ingress/ egress, which is crucial to the utility customer.

This design also provides more real estate for meaningful convenience in the dashboard such as the integrated removable glovebox/ toolbox or the other large organized storage areas that keep everything the user brings along organized and steady over rough terrain.

Rugged cargo box ready to accessorize

Not only is the interior of the new Defender MAX highly functional and versatile, it also has the largest cargo box in the industry. With 1000 pounds (454 kg) of load-carrying capability plus the easy dividable box and integrated recesses for 5-gallon (19 L) buckets, the Defender MAX can tackle any task the user has on hand.

By way of innovative LinQ accessories, this cargo box takes function to the next level and can be personalized for any utility, hunting, or recreation use.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Defender MAX vehicle is equipped with a powerful and efficient HD8 or HD10 Rotax motor that is state of the art in delivering reduced emissions while still providing the consumer with the highest torque in its class.

The vehicle even comes standard with different selectable drive modes, one being the industry’s only “Eco” mode. When “Eco” mode is selected, the ECU automatically sets the vehicle’s engine to be more efficient and decreases fuel consumption.

The Can-Am Defender MAX is an indispensible tool that helps hard-working people get the job done easier and it is dependable every day, whether it is comfortably carrying up to 6 passengers or more cargo.

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