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Deloitte Digital developed a new digital style guide and website design for Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and ensured that the goals identified by members could be met through a simple, modern user-experience.

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The Client

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) is a professional membership body representing over 100,000 members in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

Members of CA ANZ are highly respected and sought after professionals who have met the eligibility criteria of the organisation, such as university accounting qualifications and the post-graduate Chartered Accountants Program.

The organisation was established with the goals of providing a professional membership body relevant to its members, and equipping them to stand out in today’s market place.

The Challenge

Following the amalgamation of the Australian and New Zealand organisations, CA ANZ was left with three separate public facing websites. In total there were over 7,000 pages of content spread across the different sites.

Material from each monthly edition of the Acuity print magazine was replicated on the website, but was not readily accessed by members.

The Brief

CA ANZ engaged Deloitte Digital to:

1. Articulate an overarching Content Value Proposition around what content CA ANZ could authentically produce and why, to meet member needs, drive engagement and increase brand awareness

2. Deliver a single, consolidated website to the CA ANZ membership and the general public, to serve as the primary hub and channel for consistent, valuable and relevant content

3. Increase the value and usage of the website by simplifying the content discovery journey with a simple, task-driven information architecture (IA) which is relevant to them, with a modern member-centric user experience

4. Create a modern digital experience for the Acuity magazine

The Solution

The website was designed to increase members’ ability to find relevant content, through the use of:

– An intuitive task based information architecture
– Expansive drop down navigation menus, allowing members to see deeper levels of the IA and find relevant content without clicking though multiple pages
– Topic and location filters on article listing pages (and geo-IP technology to default to the member’s current location)
– Strong search functionality and inline suggested search results as members type
– Dynamic suggestions for relevant related articles based on the article a member is viewing
– Optimisation for mobile and tablet

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