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The Soft Top Luxe kettle is Brevilles latest premium kettle and part of the new Luxe range, of kitchen appliances. It features a classic curved aesthetic with luxurious premium materials and finishes. It draws inspiration from iconic premium cookware, designed to stand the test of time.

Features & Benefits


Classic Yet Innovative Aesthetics.

The Breville Soft Top Luxe kettle features a classic-curved aesthetic with innovative style.

Inspired by classic cookware that is passed from one generation to the next, our intention is to create a classic timeless design: The voluptuous curves on the body and fittings are smooth & comfortable with broad generous flowing surfaces, luxurious in feel and easy to clean. Commercial fitting proportions such as oversized rivet faces are reassuring in quality and performance. The robust base and feet firmly ground the appliance and create a common visual narrative linking the kettle to the Luxe collection.

How Do You Create a Kettle that Complements Premium Kitchenware?

The Soft Top Luxe handle incorporates manufacturing processes not seen before on an electric kettle. The form draws inspiration from and compliments Premium kitchen cookware, with oversize screw flanges and a robust metal construction.

The craftsman like form is created using a combination of investment casting, sheet metal forming, welding and polishing to create a handle that is unique, ergonomic & functional. It incorporates Brevilles single button soft lift design while retaining a durable metal feel.

How Do You Prevent Hot Water Splash Back?

Safety is a paramount consideration on all Breville products. The Soft Top Luxe integrates a one handed one touch easy open lid with a soft open control to prevent hot water splash back. A rubber seal is used on the lid to stop steam egress, ensuring no steam can be exposed to hands whilst operating.

How Do You Achieve Premium Performance?

To achieve the right combination of boil time, capacity and visual character, a balance of shape, size, volume, proportion and safety (from tipping and steam leakage) was carefully considered. Ease of use can be demonstrated by how simple this kettle is to fill.

Whether filling from the large stainless steel spout, or from the cushioned lid that opens to vertical leaving a clear filling aperture, the handle’s position and size maintains a controlled, balanced pouring ability from full to empty.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

To minimise the impact on the environment we have focused on creating a classic aesthetic, paired with premium materials that will last the test of time.

Extensive Breville life testing confirms our design is durable, serviceable and easy to clean.

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