Breville BSM600 the Smoking Gun™

About the Entry

How do you infuse NATURAL SMOKY FLAVOURS when you’re cooking with Gas or electric?

The Breville Smoking Gun provides a convenient method for the home chef to enhance meals and cocktails, making accessible a whole new range of taste and flavour profiles with a process that is quick and easy.

Features & Benefits


Cool Smoke Delivery

Dual speed airflow enables easy ignition on high followed by a controlled slow burn on low for an improved flavour profile.

Through careful optimisation of the geometry of the airflow and barrel construction, the smoke is cooled and mixed with clean air to lower temperatures to develop a higher quality of smoke for flavouring.

Easy to Use and Clean

The removable burn chamber allows for convenient loading, ignition & disposal of combusted ingredients.

Maintaining a clean burn chamber means that the smoke developed will not be crossed with the flavour from previous ingredients.

The stainless steel chamber is locked with a simple spring mechanism allowing it to be quickly removed to tap out any unburnt embers and the mesh filters can be pushed out for cleaning or replacement.

Durable & Built for Purpose

A compact housing with integrated battery chamber, low centre of gravity and large foot print ensures the unit is stable and robust. Small rubber feet under the heel allow the unit to pivot without toppling as the hose is manipulated.

Material and finishes have been selected to ensure safe operation and management of high temperatures, and considered construction will provide extended durability in the kitchen environment.

Fun & Serious Design

The suggestion of the ‘Smoking Gun’ in both the name & shape gives this piece of culinary equipment a cheeky character, however high quality materials and finishes, considered packaging and support material make it a very serious offering.

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