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About the Entry

‘Bower’ is an acoustically focused commercial furniture collection. Its fine tailoring and craftsmanship provides a strong point of difference. Inspired by the nests created by the bowerbird, the product is organic, bringing a calm aesthetic to workplaces. This Modular range is designed for ease of assembly to create engaging environments.

Features & Benefits



– Friendly, soft aesthetic with natural textures
– Customisable / Adaptable Finishes in timbers and metal
– Modularity for contract market
– Range of essential building blocks – Seating, Desking, Screens
– Each product stands on its own whilst linking into seamless environments
– Designed for efficient and compact delivery


– Two side laminated 6mm PET core
– High acoustic panel performance due to undulating weave pattern
– Weave gaps hint at occupancy of spaces without being revealing

Interior Flexibility

– Local production enables agile adaptability to client needs
– Opportunity to create unique and consistent spaces in open plan environments
– Meeting spaces, Presentation spaces, Casual spaces, Work spaces, Play spaces
– Consistent heights and spacing make creating unlimited configurations easy
– Acoustic Panels perform as dynamic pin up boards for team brainstorming sessions


– Developed and manufactured with local businesses
– All assembly and sub-assembly done locally for flexibility
– Fine craftsmanship and custom tailoring
– Acoustic material sourced from local partner
– Parts sharing with other in house products

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

– Cultivated Stewardship Program Certified
– Designed for Disassembly and Upcycling
– All materials used are recyclable or reusable – timber, aluminium, pet
– 3 main common components – rails, uprights, Acoustic panels
– Acoustic made of recycled PETG – Water Bottles
– All Timber is FSC Certified

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