Bork Pump Iron 1780

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The BORK Iron pump is a truly luxurious and technically sophisticated product.

It combines a pure functional form with professional steam performance and heat accuracy. The iron’s intuitive digital interface uses touch / swipe motion to provide a convenient method to adjust the mode for individual fabrics and set exact temperature.

Features & Benefits


Benefits and Features

The BORK Iron delivers perfect ironing results through a combination of high performance, efficiency and precision.

It uses a powerful 2750-watt and 235g/min steam generator.

The iron uses a integrated electronic steam pump to generate up to 30% more steam into the fabric. The digital sensor allows even, well distributed and accurate heat.

Unlike other irons the product heats and provides strong continuous steam immediately. In the past these steam generators were housed separately. Now it has been incorporated inside the iron. In addition a super large water tank allows this iron to surpass all benchmark tests.

The iron accessories include a silicone pad and a patented magnetically attached soleplate.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

It is 100% safe and provides auto shut off immediately after your hand leaves the control.

In addition it will shut off conserving energy if unattended. The iron also provides an ECO mode to ensure the minimum energy is consumed.

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