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The Blackmagic Broadcast Suite is a modular range of over 20 professional video format conversion, switching, recording and playback products designed for live news, sports and concerts. As little as $500, it offers an affordable way to tailor custom solutions for specific workflows and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Features & Benefits


Commerciality: Democratisation through affordability and choice

Live productions are no longer the exclusive domain of large TV networks. Affordable video technology has led independent producers to flood online platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live to broadcast web shows, e-sports and other events.

Catering to such diversity requires new product archetypes, relevant to the ways in which creative people work. The Broadcast Suite democratises live production technology not simply through affordability but through expansive choice for the user.

Reduced to ultra-compact ‘Mini’ modules, multiple products can fit together in a single standard rack width; a highly expandable, bespoke system for specific workflows.

Innovation: A unique approach to Thermal Management

Embedded with cutting edge 12G-SDI technology the Broadcast suite supports transfers of high frame rate Ultra HD video signals at up to 11.8Gb/second. Such intense workloads generate significant levels of potentially damaging heat from hard-working processors.

Often mounted in hot, confined spaces like outside broadcast vehicles or road cases, effective thermal management is vital for on-going performance and reliability.

With a world-first ‘crossflow’ cooling system, each product in The Broadcast Suite works together to effectively move cold air, providing optimal heat dissipation. With each product drawing cool air from the next, thermal performance is counter intuitively enhanced when mounted side-by-side.

Function: The Broadcast Suite Product Range

ATEM Television Studio HD
The world’s most compact live production switcher. Designed for television, web shows and e-sports, it allows direct real-time switching between multiple sources. Just 11” wide or 2/3 of a rack unit, it can be used with a range of additional equipment to suit specific custom setups.

HyperDeck Studio Mini
Records and plays back video from ATEM TV Studio HD to dual SD cards.

Web Presenter
Draws uncompressed video from ATEM TV Studio HD, converting it to web compatible formats for live broadcasts to millions of viewers on services like YouTube Live.

Teranex Mini
Broadcast quality, lossless video format conversion. One of two systems certified to create content for the Apple store.

Form: A Coherent Aesthetic for an Eco-system of Products

Compact and versatile, The Broadcast Suite can be used as stand-alone desktop products or rack mounted side-by-side for larger broadcast systems.

The minimal yet elegantly coherent visual language provides a logical and intuitive control layout for efficient operation in high-pressure live production situations.

Equally as comfortable in the most contemporary studio environment, the refined black satin finish also offers tactile contrast to high-grip silicone buttons, further alleviating errors.

Safety: Preventing long-term injury through Good Design

On busy, high pressure live production sets and mobile outside broadcast vehicles, secure mounting is critical to prevent damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

With a rigid CNC machined aluminium fixing points The Broadcast Suite is specifically designed with this in mind, providing fail-safe mounting for a range of applications.

Exported to 87 countries, The Broadcast Suite also complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations, including AS/NZS 60950, FCC, CE, RCM, WEE & ROHS.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Designed for longevity and built from quality, long lasting materials, The Broadcast Suite represents cutting-edge, expandable technology that ensures its usefulness long into the future. Firmware can be updated by the user to further increase the life of each product, which are easily disassembled for recycling.

Compact and lightweight, The Broadcast Suite can be shipped efficiently, demanding little space and energy for transportation. Packaging is made from 100% recyclable expanded polyethylene.

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