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Almo Milk is the first Australian grown long life almond milk to support 140 Australian Almond Growers and work AlmondCo, with the Co-op of Australia.

It was born out of a need for a premium quality almond milk that contained more almonds and no questionable additives.

Almo Milk is now distributed through independent grocers, health food stores and sold in iconic cafes across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Features & Benefits



BPA Free PET Packaging:
The first Australian grown almond milk to use BPA free plastic PET. Almo Milk complies with FSANZ Packaging and Product Standards.

Milk Safety:
Due to the nature of almonds which are susceptible to bacteria and fungus, it was important to create a long-life pasteurised almond milk that consumers perceived as good as if not better than fresh almond milk.


Product Longevity:
The plastic sleeves have a unique matt and gold finish with three layers of printing to reduce light exposure; A critical component to product shelf life longevity given no stabilisers are utilised in the product.

It was difficult for Baristas to find an almond milk that frothed well and didn’t separate in coffee. Fresh almond milk has limited shelf life, is unsustainable in the way in which it’s produced and splits in coffee.

On the other spectrum, ‘barista blend’ imported almond milks had little almond content and contained stabilisers, carrageenan and maltodextrin. Almo found a balance between delivering to barista’s needs and ensuring it was free from questionable additives through formulation and extended shelf life.


The Australian Milk Bottle:
The PET bottle shape is a nostalgic reminder to older generations of ‘old school milk bottles’ and established a significant emotional connection. The overall identity of Almo is intended to reflect a pure, wholesome product made without questionable additives.

Packaging and Branding:
The design simply exudes cleanness in both product and packaging. The limited messaging coupled with aesthetic appeal allows consumers to form an emotional connection with the new product as well as portray an unintimidating identity through the soft fonts and logo. ‘Almo’ is short for almond, intended to reflect the common Australian vernacular, the habit of abbreviating and shortening words.

Utilising 65g preform BPA-free plastic, the overall thickness and durability of bottles minimizes product loss through the supply chain.


The sleeve on the bottle is easily ‘unzipped’ which is suitable for recycling and also re-using at home due to the quality and durability of the preform plastic.


White Milk:
Based on a 14th century recipe from Le Viander de Taillevent, Almo Milk’s key point of differentiation is the blanching of almonds, removal of skin and churning to ultimately create a creamy white milk from an almond butter rather than a roasted, bitter and browner diluted milk.

Quality Manufacturing:
Almo Milk is sourced locally and manufactured in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. With limited manufacturing capabilities in Australia, New Zealand provided additional benefits of unique packaging capabilities to help differentiate Almo against key competitors.

Almo Milk retails for $7.99 and provides considerable value in terms of quality and quantity of almonds. The distinct packaging is minimalist, luxurious but balanced by the unintimidating font and branding to convey innocence and trust. The aesthetics and quality branding were critical elements for consumer adoption.


The sleeve has both matt and shiny finishing with no bleed and additions of metallic gold, rarely seen in FMCG products. It was an experimental attempt to create eye catching, premium quality sleeve that represented the balance of delicate milk blend with the highest quality almonds and artesian water used in the formulation.

Almo Milk is one of very few long life products to be sold in the refrigerated section in retail supermarkets. It further enhances the perceived quality and freshness of the product whilst demanding a premium price.

Limited Messaging:
Almo Milk as a product has many critical and important messages in terms of health benefits, brand statements and ingredients utilised. Limiting the use of text allows the packaging and quality of milk to speak for itself. Promotionally, it helps cut through competition that has over utilised excessive messaging on packaging.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Recipe Formulation:
Unlike fresh and activated almond milks that soak, blend and sieve out almonds, Almo Milk blanches and churns whole almonds into a butter. It provides more vitamins and minerals, protein and overall creaminess whilst eradicating major raw material wastage of an already precious commodity.

Packaging Efficiency:
Almo Milk bottles are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes with 12 units per carton rather than industry standards of 8 units per carton. This results in further efficiencies through the supply chain minimising cardboard waste.

Plastic Durability:
Utilising a thicker and more premium plastic prevents transport and handling damage. Using lightweight refill bottles with an easy unzip sleeve enables the reuse of bottles within the consumer home in a more efficient way.

Environmentally Friendly:
The use of BPA free plastic is more environmentally friendly. Standard plastic bottles that remain recycled can begin to leach BPA and other harmful chemicals into the environment.

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