AEG Powertools Limited Edition Kit

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A premium powertool kit, powered by unrivalled brushless motor technology and advanced Lithium Ion battery. It offers a compelling high-performance range of tools which maximizes the balance of value and performance. Targeting tradesmen in the indoor and outdoor construction or renovation fields.

Features & Benefits


Color Identity to User

The power tool industry is very mature, and the use of Color is fundamental to a brands success. The right color and attitude of the brand can subconsciously influence tradesman’s purchasing behavior and acceptance in their tool kit and on a construction site.

We have applied simple yet powerful color design strategies to first position the AEG brand on the jobsite, and secondly color proportion to iconize the premium offer of the AEG Limited Edition kit.

Black is a good functional colour as it exudes capability and trustworthiness. Emotionally black stays true as one primary visual element for AEG Limited edition kit contrasted with a modern orange contour lines, this creates smart yet powerful personality.

High performance application tools and battery system

AEG limited Edition Kit illustrated how design-driven to differentiate and stand out from competitors.
It offers a full range of 4 heavy duty power tools including Hammer Drill, Impact Driver, Circular Saw and Angle Grinders. The system is compatible with the AEG system of batteries. One battery interchanges with all AEG power tools, powered by a Pro Lithium Ion battery for superior performance, control, reliability, jobsite durability and extended run time.

INNOVATION – High performance Brushless Motor technology

New Brushless motor technology, AEG powertools’ Limited edition cordless kit platform delivers unbeatable performance and power.

This technology enables custom configuration for high speed, high torque and runtime. Through efficiencies by eliminating friction energy on conventional brush motors.
Our circular saws can now cut at high speeds for extended runtime.
While our impact drivers have higher torque to drive screws into the job.

Value and Benefits to User

Impressive soft rubber grips with Micro texture design, it offers the superior comfort and balance to professionals. Reducing stress and vibration for heavy duty job over short and long periods of use.

Lightweight sustainable Contractor bag protects tools to anywhere. Fast, simultaneous charging capability of dual port charger with high capacity batteries provide enduring power to keep tools on duty.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Sustainable Lithium Ion Batteries
– Hi efficiency Brushless 18V motor platform. Motors have no brushes, providing long product life, and low Maintenance.
– Durable and reliable fabric based contractor bag protects the tools, and provides secondary uses.
– No Blow Molded cases reducing plastic landfill.
– Dual port Charger saves users time.

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