A-Series Barbecue Bench

About the Entry

The A-Series is a wheelchair friendly and child-safe barbecue and benchtop designed for parks and open spaces. Being truly ‘all-abilities’ the A-Series creates opportunities for greater social inclusion enabling all park users to enjoy the Australian tradition of cooking outdoors in public spaces.

Features & Benefits


Wheelchair and child friendly

The cooktop has been positioned so those confined to wheelchairs can reach the cooktop with ease. The cooktop is also far enough away that hazards such as hot surfaces are out of reach of children. This innovation brings the first true ‘all-abilities access’ barbecue to the marketplace presenting new opportunities for users and their families by truly catering for the whole community through one product.

No sharp edges

Purchasers can choose from single or double length benchtop. They can customize the space by fitting barbecue cooktops or sinks designed for easy tap reach from within a wheelchair.

Flat pack design

The unit is completely flat packed for easy assembly on site. Cutting down on installation time and the need for heavy equipment, it’s a cost effective win for purchasers. It can be shipped at a lower cost and stored safely. The flat pack design has led to an increase in folds in the metal, creating an extra robust and strong product.

Sculptural aesthetics

The A-Series is a stylish, contemporary, stainless steel sculpture that blends seamlessly into any architecturally designed public landscape and urban space. The form has been born out of catering to function first, but has set new standards in the design of outdoor barbecues and benchtops for open parks and spaces.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Throughout the design process the team focused on reducing the A-Series carbon footprint where possible. Flat packing has enabled more efficient shipping whilst 100 percent of components have been procured from Australian suppliers. This combined with Australian manufacturing has allowed for significantly low ‘production’ miles and carbon emissions. The benchtop and barbecue are made solely from stainless steel making the unit recyclable at the end of it’s useable life.

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