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We believe in the transformative power of design to improve our quality of life, shape a better Australia and create a more sustainable and prosperous

Good Design Australia is an international design promotion organisation responsible for managing Australia’s annual Good Design Awards and other signature design events.

The Australian Good Design Awards was originally established by the Industrial Design Council of Australia in 1958 and is recognised as one of the oldest and most respected design awards in the world today.

Good Design Australia is committed to promoting the value and benefits of design to business, industry, government and the general public and to help foster a culture of design, creativity and innovation in Australia and internationally.

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Good Design Label

Australian Design Index 1964

Australia's Good Design Awards

Australia’s annual Good Design Awards program is recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak design endorsement program and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.

Our mission is to showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines. The Good Design Awards has one of the most diverse ranges of design categories in the world, spanning seven main design disciplines across 25 entry categories.

Major design disciplines include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Communication Design
  • Design Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Product Design
  • Service Design
  • Social Innovation


The Good Design Awards also includes the  Young Australian Design Awards, a national design award for young Australian designers, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.

Good Design Awards Gala Night

Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney

Good Design Tick

The Good Design® Selection and Good Design Award® accolades are among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement symbols in the industry.

What is the Good Design tick?

They offer companies a competitive advantage that leads to increased sales and point-of-sale differentiation. These registered trademarks are visible indicators of good design principles and an organisation’s commitment to design excellence.

Consumers can be assured that a product or service displaying the Good Design trademarks have been professionally designed to the highest standards and put through rigorous testing by an independent panel of design experts using a comprehensive evaluation process.

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Good Design Tick

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At Good Design Australia, we believe in a better Australia and a more sustainable and prosperous world, through design. We gratefully acknowledge our design-driven partners and supporters who share this aspirational vision for design.

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Destination NSW

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Social Innovation

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Product Design

SAE Creative Media Institute

Digital Design


Design as Strategy™ Forum

The Customer Experience Company

Design as Strategy™ Forum

RØDE Microphones

Young Australian Design Awards

IP Australia

Good Design Exchange



Canvas Group

Asahi Premium Beverages


Mitch Morgan Design

International New York Times


Appliance Retailer

Design Magazine

World Design Organization


Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences


Australian Design Alliance

Standards Australia

Safe Work Australia

Design Institute of Australia

Authentic Design Alliance

Business Events Sydney

The Designers Institute

202020 Vision

Australian Marketing Institute


Korean Good Design Awards

Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Japan Good Design Awards

Taiwan Design Center

Taiwan Golden Pin Design Awards

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China Red Star Design Awards


The Australian Centre for Social Innovation